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How It Works- Program One-Netspend Program 2- Real Marketing 4 Real People After You Have Success

How It Works  

Program 1

The first program is the NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card.


In this program you make 20.00 for every person you bring in as a referral.

Your only cost into this program is $3.95 to load your initial funds on the card and then you are instantly paid.

And your referral will be paid $20.00 as well just for helping you.

Again you make $20.00 for giving away the card

and your referral makes $20.00 for helping you.

After your first referral,you have just profited $16.05.

The more you refer, the more $20.00 bills you make.

As your card is now loaded automatically per referral who loads

their card.

We do this program first to help you get in profit before you enter

the second program but if you can do it, quickly move

into the second program because this is where the training is.

To see the Netspend program in action, watch the short video.

Are you excited yet? Hold on because now we will look at the Second Program.

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